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How to find rarer boxing content – If you are looking for more obscure sports content – the classic & royalty-free boxing matches, for instance, that are not making headline news (at least not anymore) – it might be worth considering trying to score an invite to a private torrent tracker that specializes in that kind of content. There are, of course, many positives and negatives to using private torrent trackers, though. The first one being the fact that, well, getting an invite is not always an easy task.

Oftentimes, in order to become a part of a private torrent tracker, you just have to know somebody who is already a user. If that happens to be the case, then great. You don’t have to do any sleuthing or tracking down in order to start using your private torrent tracker of choice. Assuming that the person you know trusts that you will be a responsible seeder, getting an invite this way is the best way to go.

However, what are the odds that you know somebody who happens to be a member of a private sports torrent site like TC Boxing? I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that many people who are anywhere near as into torrenting in general as I am – let alone somebody who is both that into torrenting and boxing content. Are there other ways to go about getting an invite to a sports torrent site like TC Boxing?

How to get an invitation to a private torrent tracker – Well, some private torrent trackers actually have periods of open enrollment. The sites that do this are few and far between, and when they do, they are either once per month (for, say, a 12-hour period) or sometimes this window can be open only once a year. The only way to really figure out whether a torrent site is going through an open enrollment phase is to check back in with the site regularly, or to visit torrent invite blogs as often as you can.

Another resource that I have found useful, however, for finding open enrollment announcements, as well as securing the occasional private torrent tracker invite is Reddit. More specifically, the subreddit r/Invites offers a thriving community of people who are solely interested in sharing and requesting private torrent tracker invites. Either post that you are in need of an invite or look for somebody posting that they are offering one. I have been lucky enough to secure several private torrent tracker invites this way. So, if you find that you are having trouble getting into TC Boxing, this might be a good route to take.

With great power comes great responsibility – The other aspect of private sports torrent sites that can be difficult (well, this is true of private torrent sites in general, actually) is the fact that you will be expected to maintain a certain level of performance. The majority of trackers out there are ratio based, meaning that users are required to keep up a certain ratio (of seeds to downloads). If you are downloading more than you are seeding, your account can be limited (or in extreme cases, deactivated).

These sports torrent trackers do not play around when it comes to this. So, if you are considering a sports torrent tracker like TC Boxing, just know that you will have to be prepared to put in a little bit of work. There is a strategy to it.

When it comes to boxing torrents, though, perhaps there are no better sites on the web than the private torrent tracker, TC Boxing. Sometimes alternately referred to simply as Boxing Torrents, TC Boxing is one of the most enthusiastic and active online communities for boxing fans to share files and opinions (thanks to the site’s robust forums section). If you are a serious boxing fan who wants access to one of the most comprehensive archives of classic & royalty-free boxing content, this sports torrent site might be the perfect fit for you.


Generally speaking, I tend not to be too crazy about the way that private torrent trackers are designed. They often look dated and are a bit more cumbersome than they should be. TC Boxing, unfortunately, is no exception to this rule. There is nothing special about the way it looks, it offers nothing in the way of an immersive or unique user experience.

That being said, as far as functionality is concerned, this site is designed quite well. It is easy to navigate and browse its thousands upon thousands of boxing torrents. This is thanks to, in part, an effective advanced search engine that lets you filter by content type rather efficiently.

Content and Features

In addition to providing a great search mechanism, TC Boxing has tons of torrents for your downloading pleasure. You can find all classic & royalty-free matches here, of course, but TC Boxing is also going to be a priceless resource for those harder to find boxing videos. The site also offers classic & royalty-free amateur boxing matches, foreign professional leagues, career sets, and more.

As far as the site’s community is concerned, TC Boxing has a very active community of fellow boxing fanatics for you to chat with. With more than 4,000 registered users, the forums section of this site is a great place to discuss matches, outcomes, future fights, betting on fights, etc. TC Boxing offers a great blend of the 2 most important aspects of a sports torrent site: plenty of great torrents and a friendly and talkative community of users as well.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The site is fairly well-optimized for mobile devices. It is not the most mobile friendly sports torrent site that I have ever seen, but it is far from the worst. You shouldn’t have to do too much pinching of your screen to zoom in, everything seems fairly legible and easy to browse. Of course, I would prefer if TC Boxing had a dedicated mobile app, but most torrent sites do not, so, I can’t say that I am shocked (nor can I totally count this against TC Boxing).

Those of you who prefer to torrent on the go should do just fine with this private sports torrent tracker.

Pricings and Plans

Boxing Torrents does not charge its users. However, it does encourage the act of donating. And donations are, as you would imagine, rewarded. When it comes to private sports torrent sites, sometimes the easiest way to get around the sometimes-difficult torrent requirements its users are held to is to simply give the site a few bucks.

TC Boxing will reward, for instance, a $20 donation with 25GB upload credits, 2,000 bonus points, 2 invites, a donor star, and 1 week of free leaching (meaning you can download whatever you want with no consequence to your ratio whatsoever).

A donation of $100, to show the other end of the spectrum, gets you 150GB worth of upload credit, 10,000 bonus points, 10 invites, a donor star, a VIP promotion, auto H&R immunity, and 3 months of free leaching. Especially if you are new to the world of private torrent trackers, a donation might be something worth considering while you get the hang of it. Besides, sports torrent trackers like TC Boxing survive solely off of donations … so, every dollar counts.

Likes & Hates:
Fast downloads
Great breadth of classic & royalty-free content
Solid community
Mobile friendly
Private, closed community
Invites can be hard to come by