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I have to say, it is very refreshing to finally come across a private sports torrent tracker that does not take an overly competitive approach to torrenting itself. I swear, so many of these sports torrent sites expect their users to maintain all-star athletic level torrenting skills. I understand why a private torrent tracker would want to have such strict requirements … at the end of the day, it does often result in a more effective torrent tracker overall – when there is a high bar to be met in terms of seeding, downloading, and uploading requirements for each individual user, yes, it follows that the whole of the sports torrent site will be of a higher quality.

However, some of these sites, in my opinion, go just a little too far with it. They make it next to impossible (unless you make their torrent site your central focus in life) sometimes to earn the seed to download ratio that they require. And earning invites or more GB space? Forget about it! It can be very difficult for new users to work their way up to good standing on sites like these.

Racing for Me is a breath of fresh air – Racing for Me, however, is a private sports torrent site that trusts its users. This torrent site seems to have a much more realistic expectation when it comes to how much time and energy its members can put into a racing torrent site. Contrary to what many private torrent trackers might want to believe, this does not result in a lower quality torrent site, nor does it result in attracting apathetic users.

The torrents to be found on Racing for Me are fast, high quality, and plentiful. With tons of torrents available, this is easily one of the largest private sports torrent sites that I have ever seen. Often when it comes to these more niche or specialized sports torrent trackers, you can expect to find anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000. Racing for Me, however, doubles this number. And perhaps this is precisely because of the fact that Racing for Me is not so elitist about their requirements.

The community here, too, is top notch. The torrents are usually well seeded (which, of course, results in lightning fast download speeds). The forums are active and thoughtful as well. If you are looking for a sports torrent site filled with nothing but serious, friendly, and knowledgeable racing fans, Racing for Me is probably going to be your best bet.

But don’t just take my word for it … the only way for you to figure out for sure whether Racing for Me is the right sports torrent site for you is to take a closer look at the site itself, everything it has to offer, and what goes into using it and getting an invite. Is Racing for Me worth your time and energy? Well, let’s delve in and take a look, shall we?


Anyone who has read my private torrent tracker reviews in the past knows well that I am usually not the biggest fan of the way that these kinds of sites tend to be designed. More often than not, they strike me as lazy, uninspired, cold, and uninviting. It seems as if, for whatever reason, site designers don’t put a lot of thought into the user experience of private sports torrent sites. It is all about data, and maybe you prefer this approach. Personally, though, I like it when a torrent site focuses on presentation and user experience. It just adds another layer of enjoyment.

Although Racing for Me, in the grandest scheme of the internet as a whole, does not have a very impressive site design, it does look pretty good when compared to other private sports torrent sites like it. It appears as if, at the very least, a little bit of effort has gone into making this site look good, into providing something more than just a basic click and download user experience.

The site, for instance, presents itself in a dynamic NASCAR inspired text. The builders of this site have also attempted to create a more visual element to the site than I am used to seeing on private torrent trackers like this. Each torrent listed in the search results, for example. has a graphic icon nest to it, indicating what type of racing it contains.

It is also easy to reference the torrent’s country of origin (thanks to a tastefully faded flag featured in the far-right corner of the entry. You can also quickly discern the parameters of the file, too, before even clicking into it; tags inform the user the resolution of the video, the file size, the numbers of seeders vs. leechers, etc.

Don’t enter this site expecting to find game-changing site design. If you do enter this site expecting above average site design for a private sports torrent site, though, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Content and Features

We have already covered Racing for Me’s torrents database – an enormous library for a site like this. But what kinds of classic and royaltee-free racing torrents can you expect to find on this site? Well, let’s take a look … there is quite a bit of ground to cover.

This racing torrent site has a huge selection of Formula 1 races. Browse torrents by the following categories: Full Races, Highlights, FP and Quali, Onboard, and Miscellaneous. Each section, too, is further organized by decade, which makes for convenient browsing.

Racing for Me also offers plenty of Motorbike races, Moto GP, Moto 2, and Moto 3. You’ll find NASCAR, of course, sports cars, stockcars, rally, open wheelers, single seaters, F3000, Formula 2, off-roading, drag racing, and dirt biking. The list goes on and on. If it is professionally raced and it has an engine, chances are you will be able to find videos of it on Racing for Me. This racing torrent site does not only offer videos of races, though. If you are able to attain a membership to Racing for Me, this is the only racing torrent site you will ever need.

User requirements – There is, unfortunately, not an extensive free leech system in place here. There also is no bonus system. In order to build an acceptable ratio, users are going to have to do it the old-fashioned way … by either donating or seeding popular torrents while they are still fresh. That being said, if you seed strategically in the beginning of your membership, you should be able to meet the requirements (and keep them) throughout your time on the site.

There is no automated deactivation process on this site, either, in order to get deactivated or limited, a moderator has to happen upon your account, see that you are below requirements, and manually deactivate you. Needless to say, this does not happen half as frequently as on other private sports torrent sites that auto-detect low performers.

Finding an invitation, however, might be the most difficult part of this torrent site. For whatever reason, although the site is comprised of helpful and friendly racing fans, users don’t seem very willing to hand out or trade invites (even though they are fairly easy to get from the site). Of course, if you are willing to pay for an invite, that is a different story.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Racing for Me works just fine on mobile devices. The mobile design of the site is nothing to write home about, but it is perfectly usable. Could it be more intuitive? Yes … Could it be slightly better optimized for smaller screens? For sure. But this is the case with every private sports torrent site that I have seen. This is not a surprise. If you prefer to torrent on the go, though, you shouldn’t run into any serious roadblocks on Racing for Me.

Pricings and Plans

As is always the case with private torrent trackers, Racing for Me is 100% free of charge. That being said, there are perks for donating, such as invite codes, more GB space added to your account, etc. Regardless of the rewards, if you find that you enjoy Racing for Me (or any sports torrent site, for that matter), please do consider donating if you can.

Likes & Hates:
Huge archive of classic & royaltee-free racing torrents
Helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate community
Not too difficult to maintain good standing
Invitations are rare