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When it comes time to find a solid sports torrent site, what are you to do? What kind of torrent site will work best for downloading free sports torrents of classic royalty-free games?

The giant torrent indexes will have them too, but will often fail to provide the more mundane matches or games. Sure, they may come through when it comes to providing users with the big classic royalty-free games – historic playoffs, championship bouts, heavyweight title matches – but what about, say, just a random fight between two little known welterweights without much consequence (save for the glory of victory and record)?

So, then, what kind of torrent site can one turn to in order to find such precise and possibly considered niche sports material? There are, of course, a smattering of general sports torrent trackers out there. You know, sites that offer only sports torrents, but do not discriminate when it comes to what kind of sport they are catering to. Anything will do on these sites. Find football, basketball, rugby, boxing, MMA, pro wrestling, snooker, and so on, on these sports torrent sites.

They are often public, too, and thus, have no real means of discriminating in terms of quality either. Now, to be clear, I am not saying that all public sports torrent sites are garbage and should be done away with. There are a couple, actually, that are very good – one of which has also made its way into my list of the best sports torrent sites – I am merely saying that there are certain sites that are more appropriate depending on the torrent you are looking to download.

Which is where private sports torrent trackers come into play. Although there are aspects of private torrent trackers that can be strenuous and annoying (more on that in a bit), they often tend to be specific to one type of content. So, if you are looking for tennis videos, there are private tennis torrent trackers. If you are looking for boxing videos, however, there is one torrent tracker that K.O.s most of the other sports torrent sites out there. That site is none other than the World Boxing Video Archive.

World Boxing Video Archive consists of an enormous library of classic & royalty-free boxing matches, videos, content, documentaries, interviews, and more. I would go as far as to say that it is the authority, as far as online boxing archives are concerned. You would be hard pressed to find a boxing video database more comprehensive than this one. No matter what match you happen to be looking for, new or old, if it was recorded, there is a 99.99% chance that you will be able to download it on World Boxing Video Archive.

Now, to address the pesky issue of this being a private torrent tracker. Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it “pesky,” there are positives and negatives to private trackers. However, most sites like this one do require users to uphold a certain download to upload ratio. Some sites have a pretty high standard when it comes to maintaining this ratio (meaning that you are uploading more than you are downloading).

This is not all bad, of course. The strict user requirements that private torrent trackers like this one uphold do result in faster, more reliable downloads (as well as a tightknit community of fellow file sharers who are serious about the sport of boxing [and the sport of torrenting]). Private, invite-only sites like World Boxing Video Archive also tend to be much, much safer. Your risk of downloading malware on a site like this is as close to absolute 0 as it gets.

Unfortunately, though, World Boxing Video Archive does have a reputation for being one of the more difficult private torrent trackers out there. However, there are a few tips and tricks of the torrenting trade for you to follow that should (should you receive an invite) make your experience much more pleasant.

You can also find a few free-leech torrents on World Boxing Video Archive, even if they are somewhat few and far between. Go ahead and enjoy those ones at your leisure, they will not affect your download ratio. Keep in mind, though, that you must have 10GB to download DVDs. So, it may take more maintenance than you would prefer to put in, but World Boxing Video Archive is, I assure you, well worth the trouble once you establish yourself on the site.

Anyway, now that you are armed with a few helpful tools for making the most of this site (should you be able to find an invite, that is), let’s take a closer look at World Boxing Video Archive and see if it truly is worth the time and energy, shall we?


World Boxing Video Archive looks almost identical to every other private torrent tracker that I have seen. That is to say that it looks dated, cold, and uninteresting. I don’t know why, but private torrent trackers, especially sports torrent sites, have a lot of trouble with site design. At the end of the day, though, I suppose it is all about function over form, and, in that regard, World Boxing Video Archive excels. It is a very utilitarian site; it will work perfectly but leaves much to be desired in the way of looks and user experience. It may remind you of websites from the mid-1990s.

Classic Royaltee-free Content and Features

What World Boxing Video Archive lacks in dashing good looks or immersive user-friendly design, however, it more than makes up for in the scope and quality of its content. There are hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of boxing torrents to be found here, in a wide variety of different formats. Whether you want to watch classic & royalty-free amateur fights, HD professional boxing matches, DVDs, clips, non-English broadcasts, or highlight videos, World Boxing Video Archive will make it possible.

There is also a pretty active forums section on the site on which you can discuss your favorite fighters and matches, make requests, and participate in polls. There is a classic fights archive, making it easy to find those historic matches. There is a books section, a Wall of Shame, and a “Shitlist” as well, presumably to police preferred user behavior on the site.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The site does work well enough on a mobile device. Again, it is not the best site design in the world, but it gets the job done. 

Likes & Hates:
Huge library of classic & royalty-free boxing torrents
Active forums
Some free-leach torrents
Difficult ratio and GB requirements
Subpar site design
Somewhat off-putting community